Social Development & Health Initiatives

  • MARI’s social development approach focuses generally on people, and their opportunities and choices, in particular disadvantaged and most vulnerable groups.
  • We focus on women and children, adolescent girls, SC/ST communities, small and marginal farmers, landless labour, differently-abled and HIV/AIDS affected/infected people.
  • We promote inclusive development in our programme designs and practices, including gender integration.
  • In terms of sectoral focus, we work on child rights and protection, women empowerment and selectively on health.
  • In all our interventions, community based organisations (CBOs) are formed and strengthened at village level with a view to empower these groups, and to engage CBOs in implementing the program as well taking responsibility in sustainable management of program in post-project phase.
  • Additionally, the Federation of CBOs are also promoted at mandal/district level in order to engage them in demanding and accessing quality services, including rights and entitlements, for their members.

Earth is so kind, tickle her with a hoe
and she laughs with a harvest.


Project Title Saksham – Rebuilding Livelihoods of Victims of Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking (VOCSET)
Funded by PLAN-India and Axis bank Foundation
Location Medak District, Telangana
Time Period 2015-17
Main Objective To rebuild livelihoods of victims of commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking to reduce their vulnerability and poverty.
Output/Impact The project would rebuild livelihoods of victims of commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking by organising them into groups to mutually support in overcoming women’s extreme vulnerabilities, stigma and discrimination; engaging them in mainstream income generation and job employment. The project is ultimately expected to prevent second generation trafficking and HIV among VOCSETs.