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Networking and Advocacy Initiatives

  • MARI has also been extensively engaged in networking for policy change not only with NGOs within the State but also at National and International level.
  • One of the notable networking experiences of MARI is association with Fresh Water Action Network South Asia (FANSA) and through it influencing right to water and sanitation in South Asian Conference on Sanitation (SACOSAN).
  • MARI is the host organisation of Fresh Water Action Network South Asia (FANSA) initiative.
  • FANSA is a network of CSOs who work towards progressive realisation of right to water and sanitation in South Asia.
  • FANSA works towards enhancing capacities of civil society and community organisations for their effective engagement with national governments to increase accountability, transparency, responsiveness, and capacity of the agencies responsible to ensure delivery of water, sanitation and hygiene needs of the people.

Advocacy – to change “What is” in to “What Should be”


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