Wash Initiatives

  • Supply of drinking water, sanitation and hygiene are important aspects of human health. The MDGs (subsequently SDG’s Goal-6) gave due importance to access to safe drinking water and improved sanitation.
  • Reinforcing its commitment to sanitation, GoI has launched a nationwide campaign under Swachha Bharat Mission (SBM).
  • MARI’s WASH program aims to enhance equitable access to drinking water and sanitation facilities.
  • The programmatic interventions are focussed in a continuum of demand generation, improved governance and policy influencing.
  • The projects implemented in this direction are promotion of community participation in management and maintenance of drinking water sources and sanitation facilities
  • Improved access to safe drinking water through promotion of safe water stations; and influencing policies and institutions for realisation of right to water and sanitation.

Much like charity begins at home,
Sanitation and Hygiene starts with YOU and ME.


Project Title Promotion of Safe water Station of Telangana State
Funded by Safe Water Network (SWN), New Delhi, India
Location Warangal, Mahboobnagar, Adilabad, Khammam, Karimnagar and Nalgonda districts of Telangana State
Time Period 2009 to 2020
Main Objective To establish safe drinking water plants and in the process establish robust systems to ensure financial and technical sustainability.
Output/Impact Established 132 community-managed safe water stations, resulting in availability of quality drinking water to over 66000 households.