Name of the Donor:   SAATHII

Total amount of Grant received / spent during the year :  Rs.8,00,521 / Rs.8,81,002


Goal-1 : Reaching MSM, TG, other high risk males (HRM), prisoners and single male migrants with HIV / STI and vulnerability reduction services.

Goal-2 : Identifying HIV positive MSM/TG and HRM cases and linking them to treatment and socio-economic welfare schemes.

Goal-3 : Enhancing uptake of STI, HIV, and reproductive health services amongst female partners of MSM/TG populations.


The project seeks to leverage current test-and-treat paradigms to maximize immediate / early ART initiation for individuals confirmed as HIV positive, to reduce disease progression and further viral transmission. The prime objectives are

  1. Increase uptake of HIV and STI prevention and reproductive health and rights related services through community-based screening amongst those, hard to reach MSM/TG and other HRGs and ARGs.
  2. To identify and initiate early treatment for the HIV+ cases, identified under the project.
  3. Enhance uptake of STI, HIV, reproductive health and rights services amongst female partners of MSM/TG, and other HRGs/ARGs.

 Other Linkage, Advocacy and Mainstreaming activities


The Undivided districts of Rangareddy, Medak and Warangal districts


DISTRICT Number of camps / CBS events conducted Individuals Screened STR cases detected Clients confirmed as HIV+ at the SA-ICTC
MEDAK 32 2,371 24 14
RANGAREDDY 35 2,517 12 5
WARANGAL 36 2,984 32 13
TOTAL 103 7,872 68 32

Case Stories:

Linkage to treatment during lockdown: On 14th March 2020 a Community Based Screening (CBS) camp was organized at Sitampeta village of Warangal District, where 87 individuals were screened.

Sridhar, a 31 years old auto driver, was found to be single test reactive. The field worker accompanied him to the Integrated Counselling and Testing Centre (ICTC) where he was confirmed as HIV positive. He has a 7 years old son and a 9 years old daughter. For incremental earning he used to drive auto at night, especially in the nearby brothel area. He gradually developed relationship with female sex workers and had unsafe encounters. After screening, he brought his wife to the camp for screening. She was also found to be reactive. During counselling, she revealed that she had been suffering from lower-abdominal pain for a couple of months.

Before the couple could visit the ICTC, the government declared a lockdown due to COVID 19. Considering the emergency nature of the situation the staff requested the District Project Manager, District AIDS Prevention and Control Unit (DAPCU) to intervene. The DPM facilitated the issue of transit-pass for both of them to visit ICTC. Both were confirmed as HIV positive and subsequently linked to treatment. Their children are yet to be tested. His wife was referred to the nearest Designated STI/RTI Clinic (DSRC) for diagnosis of lower abdominal pain. She was diagnosed with having STI and is being treated for the same. The couple thanked the project team for the support and timely intervention to save their life and ensure good health.

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