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Founder member of MARI NGO floated by a team of young professionals in 1988, since then designed and implemented various development projects aimed at enhancing livelihood opportunities, sustainable agriculture, participatory forestry management, restoration of traditional water bodies, integrated watershed development, capacitating farmers production societies, promotion of climate change resilient cropping systems child rights protection and gender equity as an integral component of all the development initiatives. In partnership with WaterAid MARI has been addressing WASH needs of the rural and tribal communities. This partnership also facilitated me joining FAN network in 2005 and lead the formation of FANSA in 2008 and since then associated with it as Regional Convenor, shared leadership in several advocacy actions at regional level mainly focusing on effective engagement of CSOs in SACOSANs and other important global WASH platforms. Also managing its secretariat housed in MARI. Some of my recent contributions to publications include

MARI envisions empowerment of vulnerable sections of the society to fight against poverty, injustice and the environmental degradation that threatens their basic livelihoods. This should lead to establishing conditions in favour of sustainable growth of the poor and marginalized sections and ultimately of the society.