Research Study Title Formative Research to Develop Appropriate Participatory Approaches for WASH in Rural India (2016)
Supported by WHO and India WASH Forum

Title Consolidated Report on World Toilet Day, Telangana (2014)
Supported by RWS&S/SWSM and UNICEF

Research Study Title In deep Shit, A National Campaign on Right to Sanitation in India (Telugu Version) (2013)
Supported by

Title of the Manual Child Protection: Issues and Acts (2013)
Supported by PLAN- India in support from Department of Women Development and Child Welfare (Karimnagar district, Telangana)

Research Study Title No More Whispering (2013)
Supported by UKaid and WaterAid

Research Study Title Water and Sanitation for Tribal Well Being- An Assessment of Water and Sanitation Focus in Tribal Sub-Plan of Andhra Pradesh (2013)
Supported by UKaid and WaterAid

Research Study Title Convergence for Integrated Development (2012)
Supported by National Agricultural Innovation Project (NAIP), Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture (Warangal District)

Title South Asian Conference on Sanitation (SACOSAN-III) Telugu Version (2008)
Supported by

Research Study Title Flowing Water: A new hope for Rivers of Warangal (2007)
Supported by World Wide Fund

Title A fistful of Water- Restoration of Tanks and Livelihoods (Experiences of SDC-IC NGO Partners in Andhra Pradesh (2005)
Supported by Swiss Agency for Development and Co-operation (SDC) in collaboration with Interco-operation