Vision – Mission – Objectives



MARI envisions empowerment of vulnerable sections of the society to fight against poverty, injustice and the environmental degradation that threatens their basic livelihoods. This should lead to establishing conditions in favour of sustainable growth of the poor and marginalized sections and ultimately of the society.



Promoting strong community based organizations of the poor and disadvantaged, enabling them to mobilize resources from within government and other agencies and guide them to work together for sustainable development.



  • To organise and build capacities of people to engage in community development, whilst ensuring harmony and collective actions;
  • To empower people to access various resources and entitlements including the state/central government services meant for their welfare;
  • To improve educational opportunities and quality of children for children belonging to the poor and marginalised section;
  • To improve access to and quality of basic services (i.e., housing, water, sanitation and hygiene, livelihood and financial services, social infrastructure, etc) to the weaker sections;
  • To cater to health needs of people, particularly prevention, control and care on HIV/AIDS among HRGs;
  • To work on all the issues concerned with environment, it being an integral to rural development;
  • To initiate disaster management actions during events of drought, floods and other natural calamities;
  • To promote the use of appropriate and relevant technologies in all fields of development e.g., non-conventional energy;
  • To initiate any other action in furtherance of objectives of the society as and when decided upon by the Governing body of the society.